Economic Freedom in Our LifeTime.

Political freedom Without Economic Freedom is Futile.

Together, We Can Make A Difference.


The Youth Party

In South Africa, it is evidence that the participation of the youth in formal, institutional political processes is relatively low when compared to the older citizens. People under the age of 35 are rarely found in the formal political leadership positions. The youth is not represented adequately in formal political institutions and processes such as parliaments, political parties, elections and public administrations. The Youth Party seek to provide opportunities for the youth to engage in governance and participate in political and decision-making.

In order to respond to the needs of young people and guarantee that their basic human rights are recognized and enforced, young people’s active and meaningful participation in the societies and in democratic practices and processes is of crucial importance. Meaningful youth participation and leadership requires that young people and young people-led organisation’s have opportunities, capacities and benefits from an enabling environment and relevance based programmes and policies at all levels. Efforts should also be made to focus on the vulnerable of young people including specific actions targeting young women.


The Youth Party seeks to promote unity and unite young people under one voice regardless of colour, religious, ethnic group, gender, sexual orientation, historical background or any other prejudice/discrimination factors that may exist.


The Youth Party believes in the rigorous transformation of the youth to be the agents of change in South Africa. We aim to develop dominant and compelling leaders of the country to continue the fight for the youth to be heard, recognized and acquire political power to achieve economic emancipation.

Our Values

• Transparency - Ensure that information is readily available and accessible to the public scrutiny.
• Answerability/Justification – Ensure that we provide clear reasoning for decisions taken or actions.

Racial Harmony: Promote peace in our communities taking into accounts people’s religious beliefs, traditions, cultures, ethnic group and nationality.

Respect: We will honor the rights, privacy, dignity, entitlements and diversity of everyone.

Justice: We will uphold the law to maintain peace and order.